Cambodian Children Fund

Here is some information about the fund which can also be found on their website:
Founded in 2004, Cambodian Children’s Fund provides life-changing education, nourishment and healing to vulnerable children from some of Cambodia’s most destitute communities. In the beginning, our world revolved around the health and well-being of 87 youngsters. Today we care for more than 1,800 students and 10,000 people annually after extending our services to provide to entire families and communities in crisis.

CCF was founded by former film executive Scott Neeson, who traveled to Cambodia on holiday in early 2003 and found his life changed by the desperate circumstances and unlikely courage of Phnom Penh’s most impoverished children.Today, he serves as CCF’s Executive Director, performing daily fieldwork and overseeing the operations of CCF’s various facilities.

Accepting responsibility for a child’s comprehensive care might appear to be a single mission, but it isn’t. We offer education, health care, nutrition and safe shelter. These elements stand as four interdependent walls, joined together with dedication and compassion to provide a full house.

In order to develop and heal, the connection with family and community is essential. Allowing the parents the opportunity to lift themselves from poverty — while ensuring that the child’s siblings have access to education and helping rebuild a sense of community — not only provides for the greater good but also alleviates the adult-like burdens of the child. The majority of children in our care were former garbage pickers and primary caretakers of their siblings, living and working on Phnom Penh’s former municipal garbage dump.

In addition to the top-quality programs that form the backbone of CCF’s education centers, we run a broad spectrum of fully integrated community services that collectively offer the strongest possible safety net for families in crisis. Every outreach project we develop flows from the realization and acceptance that CCF’s children have links and roots that need nurturing if they themselves are to fully prosper and grow.

CCF is dedicated to giving its students the chance to discover their individual voices. We are proud to see our students demonstrate intolerance for injustice, a strong sense of self-worth and a deep sense of compassion and respect for their communities and country — ultimately honing their potential to emerge as leaders and progressive spokespeople enacting positive social change.

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Here are some pictures taken by our CEO, Richard Cayne on his last mission with the Fund:

Meyer International has a long term commitment towards the success of the Cambodian Childrens Fund. This is our way of giving back to a cause that can be appreciated by all our clients.

Please contact us to have more information on how you can participate with us in this quest for a better future for impoverished Cambodia.

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