Offshore Center

Offshore and Onshore

The word “Offshore” in the traditional sense refers to the island tax havens off the coast of Europe and North America, which were characterized by little or no tax. This led to flourishing financial sectors that dealt with the monies invested there by high net worth individuals and astute international corporations from countries with high tax. The modern sense of the word “Offshore” is now extended to include countries such as Luxembourg and Switzerland and includes all jurisdictions that offer low or no tax, as well as a high level of security and confidentiality.

Tax havens enjoy significant exemption for investors. The financial institutions operating out of most of these locations pay no capital gains tax, corporation tax or income tax on policyholders` funds.

The largest and most secure financial institutions can all be found offshore. These institutions offer bank deposits, money market funds, offshore mutual funds/unit trusts, hedge funds and a variety of flexible savings vehicles focused on retirement, providing for children’s education fees, buying a future home, or for general security and wealth creation.The British Channel Isles and Isle of Man in particular are progressive carefully legislated regimes, where the highest standard of professionalism and confidentiality is maintained. It is essential that, at the core of any regulatory environment, there is a commitment to investor protection. Additional locations include Switzerland, Luxembourg, Hong Kong and various islands in the Caribbean.

We aim to help our clients capitalize on the significant advantages of offshore financial centers, whenever possible, to give our clients the widest scope for investment success.