The Financial Planning Process

Meyer International and the Financial Planning Process

Financial planning is not a product, it is an ongoing process to help you and your family achieve your life’s goals and secure your financial well-being, whatever your current level of affluence. Anyone who wants to take control of their financial life, make better financial decisions or achieve financial independence can benefit from the financial planning process.

The financial planning process starts with the identification of your personal values and your life’s goals. Then data pertinent to your overall financial situation is gathered and analyzed. Finally, a written financial plan is prepared for helping you achieve your life’s goals. From tax planning to investment management is carefully thought out and integrated with all other recommendations to achieve optimum overall results.

Together we then decide which strategics are most appropriate for your family’s current situation. Because your life is not static, periodic reviews are suggested to ensure the planning recommendations implemented are still on the mark and meeting your needs. Another benefit of the periodic review is that you have a clear picture of the progress you are making toward your life’s goals.

At Meyer International, we subscribe to a six-step comprehensive financial planning process, which sets the standard in financial, retirement and estate planning methodology by defining the steps necessary to satisfy the needs of any client.
This process includes:

  1. The collection and assessment of all relevant data.
  2. The identification of your financial goals and objectives.
  3. The identification of any financial problems or challenges.
  4. The production of a financial plan.

Assistance with the coordination and implementation of all planning recommendations. The periodic review and update of your financial and retirement plan. Everyone, from the self-employed business owner and the career employee, to the retiree has the same basic need for financial, retirement and estate planning. However, each person has their own unique personal circumstances which need to be taken into account in the planning process.

  1. How much will my children’s education cost?
  2. How much money will I need in retirement?
  3. Will my existing assets be enough to meet my current and future income needs?
  4. What about taxes, inflation and changes to the Social Security system?
  5. How little or much investment risk should I take on in order to meet my future goals?
  6. What types of investment vehicles should I be considering?
  7. What kind of lifestyle will I be able to afford in retirement?

These are just some of questions people carry around in the back of their minds when contemplating how to successfully retire. Using the comprehensive financial planning process we can quantify the answer to these and other questions that you may have. The following tabs contain an overview of the services we provide.

Meyer International Ltd aims to be one of the key drivers for change in personal financial consulting in Asia for expatriates (Expats). We will put our clients first in all stages of our relationship and will strive to exceed their expectations at every opportunity. Through this approach, we will attract and maintain client relationships for mutual benefit. Our clients, our team and our peers will hold us in the highest regard and recognize that we provide Asia’s pre-eminent comprehensive consulting service for private clients who are, or aspire to be, financially independent. Above all, we will enjoy our work and take great pleasure in helping our clients define and achieve their financial and lifetime goals.

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