Offshore & Private Banking

Private Banking

A set of tailor made services intended for private customers and characterized by a higher quality than the services offered to retail customers.
Many banks have some form of Private Banking, which designates a service unit that provides securities safekeeping, investments and lending to their wealthiest customers. Larger banks and some brokerage firms have a service unit that provides global Private Banking and have security asset minimums ranging from $500,000 to $10,000,000.

Private Banking Overview

Every service offered is directed towards preserving and enhancing your wealth in an international environment. To accomplish this, we’ve built a global network of relationships, expertise and choice.
As a person with international interests you may be concerned with currency fluctuations, inflationary trends, economic uncertainties or political instability. You may wish to diversify your investments geographically, review the allocation of your assets, optimize tax efficiency, or you may simply want to ensure your wealth is passed on in keeping with your wishes and in the most effective way possible.
Like many of our long-standing private banking clients, some personal situations might be spurring you to consider international arrangements. Those whose families reside in different countries, for example, may be looking for legal and financial structures that handle cross border transactions. If you’re the owner of a business, you may be expanding your interests outside your home country. Perhaps you require succession planning or may have already sold your business and are looking to retire in another country.
We consult on highly personalized private banking solutions, often across multiple jurisdictions. Our well-established global network enables us to provide you with valuable local knowledge and contacts, and the distinct advantage of a truly international team of specialists.

PPB (private portfolio bank, wrap account) Offshore Bonds

Personalized Portfolio Bond
Building and administering an investment portfolio can be time consuming, stressful and often a costly experience. As well as having to consider which assets, funds or stocks to buy you have to keep up with the paperwork as well. Better investment deals are often available if you only had greater buying power.
On top of all this you have to consider all the legal and taxation implications particularly if you wish to invest in foreign securities of funds, or you live in a country, which seeks to tax your investment profits.
The advantages of a portfolio bond include:

  1. Convenience of holding all your assets in one portfolio
  2. Reduced stockbroking fees
  3. Significant initial discounts from fund management groups
  4. Centralized administrative support
  5. Opportunities for greater tax-efficiency
  6. Ability to transfer in existing quoted shareholdings
  7. Almost total investment freedom
  8. Flexibility to change your investment portfolio at any time
  9. Easy access to capital
  10. Regular income facility
  11. Option to provide additional life cover

What are the benefits of International Investing (Offshore Investing)?

International Investing or more popularly known as offshore investing, when structured properly, provides significant benefits over traditional “onshore” investing. Greater investment options and yields, asset protection, secrecy and confidentiality and tax avoidance are the most common reasons people choose to invest internationally.

Why are international investments and financial products and services typically at higher yields and / or lower costs than onshore equivalents?

Primarily for two reasons; First, offshore financial services are conducted in countries which have no or minimal taxation on banks and financial service corporations and no taxation on investment income. Second, offshore financial service providers typically have minimal investment in “bricks and mortar” land, building/offices, furnishings, equipment, overhead, etc. usually needed onshore to maintain the market image and physical location necessary to compete effectively. These are substantial international investment advantages that enable significantly higher yields on investments and lower costs on financial services.